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S&K Consulting Group is a Consulting Services company. Contact is by appointment only. For new clients and/or new business from existing clients, please be advised that two (2) Appointments are required. The first Identification Appointment involves obtaining a complete history, which is accompanied by the key documents [1] that you should ideally have with you. For this reason, we inform you that prior to your Appointment, you will be required to sign a consent form for the collection, retention, processing and transfer[2] of Personal Data. At the second Appointment, we will notify you in writing of the Proposed Handling of your case, after a review of the history and documents provided. The second Appointment may also take place by videoconference. It is important to note that many cases require Legal Assistance. For this reason, our Company cooperates with Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Firms and Law Offices (see our Partners here), who provide the legal planning and legal services required for each case, as S&K Consulting Group is a Consulting and not a Legal Services company. Similarly for cases requiring the advice, consultation and/or services of an Accountant - Tax Advisor (or any other specialist), the Company works with qualified professionals so that you will always receive services only from the appropriate professionals.

The Proposed Handling you are receiving includes actions that are realistic and consistent with the progress of the case as outlined in the history you provided and as evidenced by the documents provided. Differentiation of the case may result in differentiation of the proposed actions. Under no circumstances does the Company and its Associates provide any guarantees (indicative and not limited) for the results of bilateral negotiations, out-of-court actions, judicial actions, tax actions, etc.

In cases that require the assistance of a Partner of the Company, the Company undertakes the monitoring and Project Management. The respective professional - Partner provides the respective services legally and the Company undertakes the monitoring, informing the Client about the progress of the case, coordinating communications, scheduling appointments with the respective professional, etc.

All updates - in particular the Recommended Handling - are in writing and are sent (also) by email. Your approval is also given in writing in response to each email. The initiation/assumption of each case is necessarily accompanied by an Assignment Form to the Company, which is signed by the Client, with the authentication of the signature by a Citizens' Service Center (K.E.P.), or Notary/Embassy for foreign citizens.  Cases involving or including bilateral negotiations of loan debts shall also be accompanied by a relevant Private Agreement. It is emphasized that in order to formally undertake the handling of a case, a written approval and/or Assignment Form is required, failing which your case will remain pending and a polite reminder message will follow. After a total period of 10 working days from the date of sending the Proposed Handling without receiving written approval and/or an Assignment Form, the case will be rejected and all documents submitted for consideration will be deleted. Anything that deviates from the above described practice is NOT Company Policy and therefore the Company is not bound in any way.

Appointments, as well as the services provided by the Company and its Associates, are billed as legally paid and the legal tax documents are issued. The pricing of a professional's services is proportionate to the experience, knowledge, scientific training, skills, quality of work and time devoted to it. For this reason, the Company and the professional Partner in question freely determine the amount of their fees and always in accordance with the requirements of the profession in question (e.g. the Lawyers Code of Practice for Lawyers and Law Firms).

You are informed of the costs and fees in writing via the Proposed Case Handling Form. Oral settlements are not accepted. Any payment agreements are only made in writing and signed by all parties involved (e.g. Client - Consulting Firm - Responsible Professional/Company).

For vulnerable citizens and citizens with low income, the Associated Lawyers and Legal Professionals inform you that there is a procedure of Legal Aid, in which a lawyer is appointed free of charge from a Special List.

Our assistance to Society and vulnerable groups of citizens facing issues related to the Company's field of activity is provided through the Useful Articles on our website (see informative articles and articles written by our Partners) as well as through our participation in informative broadcasts. 


[1] Key documents include:

  • Information Notes of the Greek Taxation Office (Tax statement E0, Income tax statement E1, Rent Form E2, E3 Form - for professionals - Property statement E9, Tax statement ENFIA, N Form - business income tax).

  • Loan Agreements, Letters, Extrajudicial Statements - Invitations, Court Decisions, Legal Documents etc.

  • Notarial Documents (Deeds of Inheritance, Purchase and Sale Contracts, Deeds) for real estate cases.


The above is indicative. Depending on the nature and development of the case, you may also provide relevant documents. You will be informed at the Appointment Identification if additional documents are required. Therefore, for your convenience, it is recommended that you organize and categorize your documents prior to the Appointment.

[2] Depending on the case, the assistance of a Partner (Lawyer, Accountant - Tax Adviser etc.) may be required. For this reason, we request your consent for the transfer of your Personal Data to the professionals working with the Company, so that we are entitled to present them with the History and the documents provided, in order to provide you with an Opinion and to draft the Proposed Handling Form.

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