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Private Debt

Evaluation and management of debts of individuals and corporations to Banks and other Financial Institutions.


Our Private Debt Management services help individuals to assess and manage their debts properly.

Our team of experienced professionals evaluates each case individually and uses Legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (Mediation Law 4640/2019, Out-of-Court Negotiation, Arbitration) as tools to help our clients manage debts to Financial Institutions (Banks, Special Purpose Vehicles - Funds - etc.) and other Individuals.  

It is extremely important for us, to communicate to the client from the very first moment the real situation of his/her case, in order to cultivate the valuable and required trust. Legal and Economists undertake the evaluation of the case, as well as the strategic planning that will bring about the desired result. 

We are committed to helping people find the best possible debt management solution.


So whether your case is at the Court or Out of Court level, contact us so that our experienced and skilled associates can assess your case and guide you accordingly.

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