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Real Estate & Golden Visa

Real Estate Purchases & Residence Permit Program

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In our company we undertake cases of our clients who either wish to sell their real estate or to buy in the domestic and international market (Golden Visa). 


Α. Are you a Real Estate Seller?

In particular, a client who is interested in selling a property can contact our Company, which will manage it: 


  • The promotion of the sale, through the collaborating Real Estate Agencies.

  • The preparation of the dossier for the sale through the intermediary of the Real Estate Agents. Including. Submission and Issuance of Electronic Identity of Building.

  • Project Management, i.e. supervision of the process and coordination of Professionals (Lawyers - Engineers - Notaries).

  • The Renovation of the property in order to increase the selling price of the property (if requested).

  • Drafting of Pre-Conventions and Control of Purchase and Sale Contracts by our collaborating Lawyers. 


Even if the property to be sold is accompanied by debts to Financial Institutions, which makes it difficult or even impossible to sell it, it is possible for our Company to manage the debt part first, so that the sale can proceed smoothly. 

Β. Are you a Buyer of Property?

If a client now wishes to buy a property, he can contact our Company, where we take over.


The presentation of options - properties managed by our Company's associated Estate Agents that fit the client's specifications. 

If the client cooperates directly with a Real Estate Agency and has selected a property, we then undertake:

  • Project Management, i.e. the supervision of the process and the coordination of Professionals (Lawyers - Engineers - Notaries).

  • The control of the file for the sale. Including: a. The Legal Control of the property (Land Registry - Land Registry - Land Registry - Contracts) b. The Technical Control (autopsy by an Engineer) c. Control of the legalization of arbitrariness if there are any. 

  • Drafting of Pre-agreements and Control of Purchase and Sale Contracts by our cooperating Lawyers. 

  • Drafting of Purchase and Sale Contracts by our cooperating Notary Public. 

  • Registration of the Contract at the relevant Land Registry for completion of the process.

C. Are you an Owner with a Property for Capitalization?

If someone wishes to exploit his/her property in order to create an additional passive income, we undertake, thanks to our experienced Engineers and the Technical Companies we cooperate with, the renovation of your residence, so that it can be made available for rent either by you or by the cooperating Real Estate Agencies.

D. Golden Visa

Specialized lawyers undertake the supervision and management of real estate purchase and sale cases under the Golden Visa program, which is addressed to third country nationals who, through their investment, will obtain a residence permit. 



Coming Soon

Soon our Company will be able to take over the management of your leased property. This means that we take over for you, all the fixed and operational obligations of the property, so that you can enjoy your new passive income.

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